Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Strategy

Arthur Sadoun

Arthur Sadoun

Chairman & CEO Publicis Groupe

Our performance notwithstanding, Publicis Groupe is committed to an ambitious CSR policy, benefiting both our teams and more broadly by ensuring that we have a positive impact on society. This includes building an open and supportive corporate culture that supports everyone, particularly in the face of illness.

After I went public with my cancer in April 2022, I received thousands of testimonials from people with the disease who spoke of the fear for their lives, but also for their jobs. So we decided to launch a major initiative, Working with Cancer, to remove the taboo of cancer at work.

On 17 January in Davos, Working with Cancer launched a coalition of some of the world's largest companies committed to a more open, supportive and inclusive corporate culture for employees with cancer. The programme is accompanied by a communications campaign and a film (see here) that tells the story of how cancer patients suffer when they hide their condition from their employer. Today, we have over 300 companies and organisations that have signed up and we are continuing this work to reach as many people as possible.

This is why, on World Cancer Day, Working with Cancer is reaching out to the general public with a call for everyone to support cancer patients in the workplace. As half of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, we all need to get involved in supporting our employees who are ill.

We remain active on our other pillars, such as diversity and inclusion in all its forms, which are essential ingredients of our difference and strength. With our alliance in the US, Once And For All Coalition, we have provided strong and concrete support to several media outlets for underrepresented populations: 30 of our clients have increased their investments with them by 65%. This initiative reflects the demanding vision we have of our business, for ever more responsible marketing, both socially and environmentally. Everything is closely linked.

Our climate targets have been validated by SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative) and outline a trajectory to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 (Near-Term Target - scopes 1+2+3) and by 90% by 2040 (Long-Term Target - scopes 1+2+3). This ambition is in line with the Paris Agreement (sc.1.5°) and we know that we will need to accelerate.

Thank you all for your commitment. Our Groupe is starting from a very solid and convincing base to continue its growth.

Creation of sustainable value

The changed world in which we live highlights the essential levers of "sustainability" that we must rely on for the future. As a driver of innovation, CSR opens the way to new models of cooperation and partnerships to support the development of our customers, our talents and the communities around them. Creating sustainable value has always guided the strategic development of Publicis Groupe.